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This page contains links to several interesting sides about musical instruments.

Guitar Classical

 Guitar Flamenco


Parts and cases


Guitar Classical:

The classical guitar in the Netherlands.

Egta, Nederland

European Guitar teachers Assosation (Netherlands).

Guitarworld headquarters

Famous Guitarworld International Headquarters.

2000 guitars database

Home of guitar news weekly & the 2000 guitars database.

Guitars in Australia

Guitar center.

Database of guitar, guitarist and much more.

Guitarmakers, guitarists, art, courses, master classes

Museum of guitars, guitar music and more.

You can order very interesting books and visit the museum.

Soundsamples of Sapere Aude Guitar Duo.

Duo playing Romantic guitars.



Guitar Flamenco:

Flamenco dance in the Netherlands/

Flamenco dance courses and workshops.

The flamenco guitar

The flamenco guitar homepage.

Flamenco in the Netherlands

The Dutch flamenco pages.

Flamenco world

Flamenco world.

Flamenco School in Seville

Flamenco dance classes, flamenco guitar coursers, learning Spanish.



The lute in Italy

Guitarmakers, lutes, vihuelas, courses, master classes


  Parts and cases:

Northern Tone wood Company

Soundboards and exotic woods.

Koelbl woods, Austria/

Soundboards (European spruce) maple for back and sides

Kingham, England

Custom made cases for almost every stringed instrument.

Madinter Trade, España

All woods for instrument making. Beautiful Rio rosewood

Maderas Barber, España

All woods for instrument making

Rodgers, England

Rodgers tuning machines.

Dick tools, Germany

Fine Japanese tools and other stuff for makers.

Stuwart-MacDonald, USA

Homepage of Stewart-MacDonald's.




The lutemakers mercantile.


Books, videos, magazines and much more.


The Galpin Society.

Karl Michelson.

Karl Michelson during his vissit to the workshop.

Dingeman Coumou.

Dingeman Coumou, Dutch guitarist/lutenist (downloadable music).


Al guitar events from Belgium and the Nederlands on one calendar!


Flamenco dresses skirts and more


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