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Wireless System.

Classical and flamenco guitars can be ordered with a built-in wireless amplifying system completely invisible.

The built-in wireless system is made by Sennheiser ® or AKG ® and will be delivered with a transmitter, receiver and very high quality microphone.

The transmitter is very small and switching on/off, changing batteries and other settings are all done on the front site off the transmitter. The transmitter itself is built-into the guitar at the point where the end block is glued and hidden behind a small panel. This does not disturb the balance of the guitar and has no effect on the sound and moving air inside the guitar. It works on two 1.5 volts batteries.

The receiver is plugged in an amplifier with a normal guitar cable or XLR cable and gets its power from a 9 volt adapter.

The built-in microphone (only 4.8 x 6.0 mm) works on the power of the transmitter

Benefits of the wireless system.

Absolutely invisible. Not attached to cables or no microphone in front of you.

Amplifying on an one to one base. The sound from the guitar is the same as the sound from the amplifier.

Do your own sound check. Just sit in the theater room and play and hear what your public is hearing

Make your own CD. Plug the receiver in your computers sound card, switch on the system and record your own playing.

In the theater. Hand over the receiver to the sound director, switch on the system, do your sound check and play your concert.

In the studio. Hand over the receiver to the sound director, switch on the system and start recording.

Included with wireless guitars:

1. Microphone and transmitter built-in.

2. Receiver and 9 volt adapter (110 or 230 volt).

3. Two 1.5 volt batteries.

4. Instruction books how to use the system.

5. Cable with jack plug 6.3 and 3.5 mm. (ideal to use on computer soundcard or recorder like Edirol.)

Options for wireless guitars

1. Sennheiser case for receiver, cables etc.

2. Battery charger with 4 rechargeable batteries (2600 mAh) or special Sennheiser charger with battery pack.

3. Amplifier Roland or Fishman.

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